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Travel Tips & Coupons for Students on a Budget

Students are among the few people who truly comprehend what running on a tight budget feels like. However, students still want to enjoy themselves and travel even with restrictive finances. Travelling while on a strict budget can be quite challenging. However, here are 6 tips to help you make your travelling dreams come true while on a budget.

1. Use Coupon Codes

A lot of people don’t realize it but you can use coupons for hotels, flight, car rentals, train tickets, almost anything! Especially if your travel dates are flexible you can wait for a good sale or promotion to come up and maximize your savings. Coupon Feed has coupons for $30 off valid coupons for your vacation, and if you don’t find what you need there just do a quick Google search for whatever it is plus the word ‘coupon’. So you would type in ‘orbitz hotel promo code’. You are bound to turn something up!

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2. Research prior to making travelling arrangements.

Travelling often involves transport companies that are competing against each other. For this reason, they often have different rates in an attempt to have that competitive edge. You should try to find crucial information from sites such as CheapFlights and Orbitz in order to get the best deal.

You can also try booking early. Booking around 2 to 4 weeks in advance is usually the most ideal. This will cushion you from unnecessary costly inconveniences such as flights being fully booked and ticket prices rocketing.

You should also try to book refundable tickets. This will enable you to get your money back in case you cannot travel. Try leveraging on all the discounts you may get to save money. Book your travel with those transport providers that offer discounts for passengers that book both single and return tickets at once. Doing proper research will help you get the best deal.

3. Travel During Slower Times

Flexibility can help you to save a considerable amount of money. You may opt to adjust your travelling dates if you are flexible. Travelling during holidays or weekends is often more expensive, whereas Tuesdays usually seem to be the cheapest. Adjusting your travelling plans to avoid such periods can save you a lot of money. When looking for a flight, you should find the cheapest day to travel and adjust your schedule accordingly.

4. Affordable room rates.

Doing your business directly with hotels can prevent you from getting cheaper room rates and deals. You should instead use other platforms such as TripAdvisor.com to get worthwhile deals. You may also opt to check Groupon to find some of the best pocket-friendly hotel rates.

You should also try to get your accommodation from hotels that have free cancellations. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? It is better to be prepared just in case you will not be able to make the trip. Dealing with hotels that have a cancellation policy will ensure that you get your refund in case you cancel. Sites like Orbitz are open to cancellations up to 24 hours before checking in.

5. Travel with your friends.

This idea will not only help you save but it will also ensure that you have fun even with the tight budget. Travelling as a group will enable you to split the costs such as the room rates. Splitting the cost may even allow you to get a fancier room which you couldn’t have if you had travelled alone.

6. Explore your destination.

Exploring your destination can help you discover ways to save scarce funds. You may discover places that you can get cheaper foods from compared to those you might have bought from your hotel. You should also check when booking that the hotel you decide on offers free breakfast. There are hotels that do this and these offer you a unique opportunity to save some cash.

Travelling is a lot of fun for students. The tight budget should not stand between you and your travelling ambitions. These tips should come in handy in helping you realize your travelling ambitions while saving you some vital cash.

Budget Travel

Low-Cost Train Travel in the Balkans

Expedia Coupons Can Only Do So Much.

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Promo codes from sites like CouponLynx.org/ can make European train travel more affordable, but sometimes even then, taking the train in Europe can be prohibitively expensive. If you dream of traveling around Europe by train but can’t afford the high cost of InterRail passes and not-so-budget-friendly hotel locations like Paris and Rome, then you might want to look for a train adventure further east, around the Balkans to be precise.

When people think about this region, images of conflict and war-torn ex-Yugoslavia tend to come to mind. But those times are long gone. The Balkans are now a very safe, multicultural and traveler-friendly region, full of experiences to be had that would please even the pickiest of travelers: from natural wonders such as mountains covered in luscious forests and white sand beaches, to night-long clubbing in cosmopolitan cities and a plethora of international music festivals that attract world-renowned artists.

The region has been reborn. Like a phoenix that rose from the ashes of a tragic war, it is now young and vibrant, having made peace with its past and moving on to become an exciting, fun-loving place that is still – lucky for you – affordable for anyone on a student budget.

If your idea of fun is to spend some time traveling around Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey, then by all means, hop on! I personally love travelling by train as it gives you a chance to take in the scenery and relax. I always bring a good pair of headphones for listening to music, such as these ones in the $300 range.

You have two options:

The Balkan FlexiPass. You can get it either online or once you land there. You can pick a pass that suits your needs: either 5, 10 or 15 days of travel within a one-month period. Best of all? If you are under 26 years old, you automatically get a discount.

Freestyle It. It’s the Balkan way. Train schedules are not very reliable in the region, but train travel is very cheap. Even internationally! All you have to do is go with the flow and show up at the train station whenever you’re ready to move on to your next destination.

Here’s a little traveler’s tip:

If you want to see it all – and more – the best idea would be to start in Venice, Italy. From there, head on to Ljubljana, Slovenia and then down to Zagreb, Croatia. Then it’s up to Budapest, Hungary and off to Bucharest, Romania. Next, go to Belgrade, Serbia, perhaps down to Greece, and stop in Sofia, Bulgaria on your way to your ultimate destination: Istanbul, Turkey. This way you will take in all the major sights between Italy and Turkey! You will have literally spent weeks traveling from Europe to Asia, for about the same cost as a week in Ibiza.

Ready to pack? Don’t forget your passport, and a lot of patience. The Balkan Express always comes by, but not always on time.

Budget Travel

Finding a Great Hotel in Turkey at a Reasonable Price

Turkey recently ended its losing tourism trend with an 18 percent rise in tourist arrivals in April this year. This year is a great time to join more than 2 million visitors of the country in rediscovering wonders and beholding its amazing culture.

Start a Turkey journey by finding the best holiday hotel, you can find some great last minute deals here. It may sound peculiar but here are a few things you should remember when booking accommodation in the land that bridges the East and the West.

Bed and Breakfast – Never expect a full English or American breakfast that goes with packages of “bed and breakfast”. Almost all hotels come with a Turkish morning meal of cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and cucumber. It is recommended to book an accommodation then run to the nearest restaurant for meals.

Bathroom Arrangements – Basic accommodation in the country offer a wet room that includes a shower hose installed on the wall. A three-star hotel offers a cubicle book while a five-star hotel will give an actual bath.

Plan the budgetTurkey is not a cheap destination although there are places and destinations which can be explored at low prices. Hotels can be quite an expense so try to check some inns and other types of accommodations when travelling on a tight budget.   Here is what you can expect traveling through Turkey.

Check the location – Finding the right hotel depends on a tourist’s lifestyle. Someone fond of nightlife can choose a hotel within the city while a person who wants sightseeing and cultural immersion can find an accommodation beyond the pricey locations in the country.

Ratings and Reviews – A lot of travel websites provides ratings and reviews of hotels and other types of accommodations in Turkey. Take time to read some feedbacks posted just recently. Don’t get hooked on reviews that were written on the hotel’s website as employees usually do these. Find real comments on general message boards and free blog forums.

Services – Aside from the price, check out other services offered. WiFi is a necessity, but not all accommodations in the country offer free access. Internet services are not inclusive, then find out how much would it cost to buy a local sim card bundled with data services. Also, ask for car rental assistance that might help save a few bucks compared to taxi rentals.

Finding a place to stay in Turkey is easy if visitors take the time to research online and book a hotel depending on their lifestyle, needs and purpose in travelling.

Luxury Hotels

4 Luxury Hotels in Turkey You Wish You Could Afford

While most us wait anxiously by our email inboxes hoping for a new vacation discount from sites like Travelocity, there are a few lucky individuals out there than can simply travel where their heart desires: anytime, and anywhere. If you’re not one of them, then you can always click here for discounted stock photography and go on a much cheaper virtual vacation!

Turkey has a wealth of monied travelers who all stay at some fabulous luxury hotels where your every whim is catered too and nothing is out of reach.  In case you are wondering how the other half lives and where they stay while visiting Turkey then here are 4 luxury hotels in Turkey you wish you could afford. thinx coupon code



The Botanik Platinum Hotel is an all-inclusive beachfront resort. It has been rated 8.3/10 and offers a beautiful scenic view of palm trees and flowers. This hotel has three pools. In its environs there are six restaurants. Therefore you get to choose the one you prefer. This luxury hotel also has a spa. You also get to watch live shows here. What more could a traveler ask for!


The Melas Lara luxury hotel has been given a 8.9/10 rating. It is located in Lara and just a few meters from the private Lara beach. It offers upscale rooms. The approximated price range is between 107-283 Euros. There are two pools in the hotel. This means that the pools are rarely crowded. The best part about this hotel is that there is no booking fee. You also get to enjoy sports offered and the sauna.


Rixos Sungate hotel is rated 8.01. There are no reservation costs. It also has amazing rates of approximately $160. It offers a beach view scenery and has many restaurants and bars. You will be spoilt for choice. It has been established on 250.000 sqm in Beldibi. It is suitable for a family holiday. You get to enjoy the hotel’s full-service spa. This luxury hotel has about 1094 rooms and offers free Wi-Fi. This way you can keep your friends posted on the social media.


This is a family friendly hotel offering free Wi-Fi too. It has a 9.29/10 rating. It is located in the heart of Bomonti. Hilton Istanbul is equipped with a steam bath, sauna and a Turkish bath. They call it hammam. It also offers gym facilities. What is more intriguing than a work out after eating all the hotel junkies!

Turkey has the most amazing luxury hotels with the best rates. You also get the value for your money. Services offered are the best. There are a variety of restaurants, bars and sauna. You will also find gym services here. This is all I could ask for in a destination. Get the money, then visit Turkey.