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4 Luxury Hotels in Turkey You Wish You Could Afford

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Turkey has a wealth of monied travelers who all stay at some fabulous luxury hotels where your every whim is catered too and nothing is out of reach.  In case you are wondering how the other half lives and where they stay while visiting Turkey then here are 4 luxury hotels in Turkey you wish you could afford. thinx coupon code



The Botanik Platinum Hotel is an all-inclusive beachfront resort. It has been rated 8.3/10 and offers a beautiful scenic view of palm trees and flowers. This hotel has three pools. In its environs there are six restaurants. Therefore you get to choose the one you prefer. This luxury hotel also has a spa. You also get to watch live shows here. What more could a traveler ask for!


The Melas Lara luxury hotel has been given a 8.9/10 rating. It is located in Lara and just a few meters from the private Lara beach. It offers upscale rooms. The approximated price range is between 107-283 Euros. There are two pools in the hotel. This means that the pools are rarely crowded. The best part about this hotel is that there is no booking fee. You also get to enjoy sports offered and the sauna.


Rixos Sungate hotel is rated 8.01. There are no reservation costs. It also has amazing rates of approximately $160. It offers a beach view scenery and has many restaurants and bars. You will be spoilt for choice. It has been established on 250.000 sqm in Beldibi. It is suitable for a family holiday. You get to enjoy the hotel’s full-service spa. This luxury hotel has about 1094 rooms and offers free Wi-Fi. This way you can keep your friends posted on the social media.


This is a family friendly hotel offering free Wi-Fi too. It has a 9.29/10 rating. It is located in the heart of Bomonti. Hilton Istanbul is equipped with a steam bath, sauna and a Turkish bath. They call it hammam. It also offers gym facilities. What is more intriguing than a work out after eating all the hotel junkies!

Turkey has the most amazing luxury hotels with the best rates. You also get the value for your money. Services offered are the best. There are a variety of restaurants, bars and sauna. You will also find gym services here. This is all I could ask for in a destination. Get the money, then visit Turkey.